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New customers call me, but I don't find my Site in Google searches.

Our potential customers are not always using our keywords

Your Site will be shown in many search queries
How many times have we visited a Website that showed up on a search results page and that aparently could be not related to what we were looking for?
This is a reality, we find many times information that is not 100% what we were looking for. And this happens to other users, they find your site not only when they use the keywords you think are describing your business very well. Does it make sense? Of course it does ! Imagine you are selling wine. And you think that your keywords are red, white, reserva and tempranillo. Would it be possible, that a Restaurant whishing to organize a luxury reception was searching for "delicatessen resellers"? Would you like to be part of those search results?
Wait a second. Does it mean that I have to include all keywords where I would like to be found? Well, somehow yes. You do it by having content related to it. So if you want to be found as a "delicatessen reseller" make sure that your site has an article that talks about it. So then, why bother about keywords? Very simple: because they tell Google what is our website about and in someway helps also to rank our Site. But we don't have to be too simple when understanding Google search results and optimization practices. Our keywords are not the only criteria that will help us be found by our potential customers.
Well then, if Google is so rich and complex we should not aim to find our website unless we want to "play" with the search engine. What really is important to us is not that we find outselfs. No this would be a game. The important thing is that our customers find us, with their keywords and at the end, the most important is that they call us. That's how we will know that our Site is working well.


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